Customizable Face Mash Socks 3D Digitally Printed Breathable Socks

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Descriptions de produit
Item#: DRAS0289
With our innovative technology, you can now adorn these socks with multiple face photos, creating a hilarious and unique accessory that showcases your individuality. Whether it's your own face, your friends' faces, or even your favorite celebrities, these socks are sure to bring smiles and laughter wherever you go.
They are a perfect blend of comfort, softness, and personality, ensuring that your feet feel great while your style stands out. Not only are these socks a delightful treat for yourself, but they also make an ideal gift for friends and loved ones who appreciate a good laugh. Imagine their joy as they unwrap a pair of socks covered in a collage of familiar faces.
Informations de base
Hauteur de la chaussette: 22cm cm
Longueur de la semelle: 22cm cm